Saana Jukola

Saana Jukola

What brought you to work or get interested in the Congress’ fields?

As an undergraduate student of philosophy I took a course the subject of which was the sociology of scientific knowledge. During that course I became very interested in the question of how the social conditions of research affect science, and since I’ve been working on topics related to philosophy of science and science studies.

What has your participation to the Congress brought you?

The Nancy congress was my first international scientific ­conference and the presentation I gave there was my first presentation in front of an international audience. I gained a lot more self-confidence. After listening to intriguing speeches and meeting interesting new people I feel even stronger that I want to keep on working on the questions I’m currently studying. Hopefully the contacts I made will last.

What is your opinion about your portrait?

I must confess that the first thing that came in to my mind when I saw the portrait was that I need to start seeing my cosmetologist more often. I don’t feel natural in front of a camera, so this was a good lesson in coping through awkward situations.


Saana Jukola - University of Jyväskylä