Maria Carla Galavotti

Maria Carla Galavotti

What brought you to work or get interested in the Congress’ fields?

My interest in philosophy of science dates back to my ­student years. It was the topic of my dissertation, and I have been ­working in that field ever since. I have always found philosophy of science the most intriguing field of philosophy because of its ­interdisciplinary character, its conceptual rigor and, last but not least, its practical value.

What has your participation to the Congress brought you?

The Nancy conference was extremely interesting from a scientific point of view, thanks to a number of highly qualified speakers.
It also gave me the opportunity to meet younger researchers and get to know about their work.
In addition, my participation in the conference allowed me to ­discover the town of Nancy, which I found very attractive and ­hospitable.
I especially enjoyed the elegant art nouveau ­architecture and glassware, the parks, and of course the magnificent Stanislas square.

What is your opinion about your portrait?

The portrait portrays my philosophical self, catching the severe and meditative side of my personality. There is also another side to my temperament: I like to enjoy life and I love good food, ­travelling, hiking on the mountains, gardening and cooking.

Maria Carla Galavotti - University of Bologna