Marcos Silva

Marcos Silva

What brought you to work or get interested in the Congress’ fields?

In spite of being rational beings, I really do not believe that we choose what we like. We are rather chosen by our interests. More than a ­decade ago i was totally in love with budhism, its philosophy and ­Weltanschauung. Than I discover the Philosophy itself, also as a ­teenager, by means of Nietzsche, Dostoievski and Schopenhauer. This last one have brought me to the early Wittgenstein and his concrete and exigent poetry in Tractatus. Logic and its relations to world and ­language are some themes that define my spectrum of interessing ­nowadays. From budhism to logic. Strange? Not at all. Natural movement I would say.

What has your participation to the Congress brought you?

To have contact to excellency, from the congress organization to the professors´ talks, is something that offers us a load in motivation in keep on going in this fascinating but demanding trip of knowledge.
Particularly when we are talking about the new generation. We learn a lot just watching or attending the talks of the people which we only know from books and articles. Sometimes I felt myself just like I was a child in an amusement park with many simultaneous and nice offers of fun but without sufficient time to do everything I wanted.

What is your opinion about your portrait?

I am glad that I have never thought about being model. It is not my thing.


Marcos Silva - Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires