Katherina Kinzel

Katherina Kinzel

What brought you to work or get interested in the Congress’ fields?

I studied political science and philosophy in Vienna and initially my main ­interests were in political and social theory. Working on my diploma thesis – in which I centered on the question of how to legitimize politically engaged (­social) science – I came to develop interest in the philosophy of science, as well as in the history and historiography of science. In my current research I am looking for ways to connect these different disciplinary enterprises.

What has your participation to the Congress brought you?

Visiting the Congress was of interest to me for several reasons: I had the chance to present and discuss a paper of mine; also the Congress’ programme ­covered talks on issues relevant for or related to my work.
I had some ­interesting ­discussions at the Congress and, most importantly, I established contact with other researchers that work on similar problems as I do.

What is your opinion about your portrait?

This is what a philosopher looks like.


Katherina Kinzel - University of Vienna